Oh darling, I love you so
If you’d ask me for my heart, there’s no way that I’ll say no
Oh darling, just take a chance please
So we can stay together till hell starts to freeze

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 12:59pm


Whoever I date next better be ready to be treated like absolute gold. I have so much love that I’ve been waiting to give its ridiculous

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 01:59am
Anyone want to play Have You Ever?






I can only answer yes or no. 


gus seriously im really bored

no limits

do it. anon is on

yooooo the FMK one was hella fun, so if anybody wants to we should also do this you-ask-me-one-I-ask-you-one

I will be RUTHLESS

this looks like fun, any of my new followers want to get to know me more, or old followers, you are all welcomed to ask me ANYTHING

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 12:41am

ugh lets do this i guess send me questions


ugh lets do this i guess send me questions

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 12:26am

why do we like to hurt so much?

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 10:56pm

Anonymous asked: Your Blackrock Shooter-stuck cosplay was on my dash, and while I understand why you'd feel self concious (I'm a plus size female cosplayer too :3), You look absolutely amazing in that costume! It flatters you very nicely and it's sexy DAMN those legs you are just gorgeous! I took a peek at your other stuff and gosh I am absolutely swooning~ You're a really great cosplayer! And your smile is so cute!

omg, you are going to make me cry, thank you soooooooooo mcuh ://///: wow that really means a lot to me, like legit. THANK YOU, wow, im just blushing so badly right now fdka;fejiaghka i am trying not to just keyboard smash at you. 

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 10:40pm

More of me as Trickstser Meulin, i feel more confident in this outfit

 Trickster Karkat


Photos are by Mrcobrabytes

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 10:30pm



Black*Rock Shooter-Stuck Jane at Metrocon 2013!

Well then, I’ve had enough of your lip, Buster!

Cosplayer / Photographer AU Designs


okay, im going to actually reblog this and put it on my cosplay tags, I am EXTREMELY self conscious about this outfit, and still am till this day, 

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 10:18pm

Anonymous asked: youre so cute!!!!

I wow thank you ./////. im really shy and self conscious about my cosplays, im trying to find more photos of me right now, so i only have one page of cosplay photos, wow also hi to all my new followers, message me any time you want too. 

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 10:09pm


Me being Roxy with ONLY eye liner on (legit only eye liner right now i just thought i looked cute so i took a selfie)

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 09:48pm
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